Biography :

     A distinctive and appealing artist, he will constantly keep you off-balance while embarking on a musical journey, connecting the blues of Africa and America with his various melodic influences.
     Born in Cameroon, far from the cotton fields that shaped his elders’ style, Roland Tchakounté started his musical career by recording 2 LPs in Douala’s studios before leaving for France.
     A freedom advocate, this singer and guitar player took a few years before recording his first European album: “ ‘Bred Bouh Shuga Blues”, a musical collaboration in which he was already singing in Bamiléké, his native tongue.
     Although having learnt his trade through Afro-American beats, Roland Tchakounté always toyed with more traditional ones: deep and raw tempos with no academic structures, vessels to a sadness expressed through savage melodies.
     Kept secret for years, his passion finally came to light when Roland discovered two mythical composers: John Lee Hooker and Ali Farka Touré. Unlike some aspiring Blues player, so keen on mimicking their idols that they lose their own identity in the process, Roland Tchakounté tells his own story and gets his inspiration from American and African music legacies, merging them with tremendous wit.
     Along with his partners Mick Ravassat (guitar) and Mathias Bernheim (percussion), he has already carried his Blues World gospel throughout Europe (Germany, Belgium, Spain…) and around the globe (Japan, Canada, USA…). As it was already the case in Chicago and Memphis, Roland was invited to perform this year at other international festivals in Burkina Faso, Guinea, the Republic of Mali, but also Indonesia,Vietnam, Scotland, Croatia, etc.

What they said about him :

     The blues as it should be played..delicate, intimate, personal. Roland Tchakounte, a very personable blues man from Cameroon, encompasses both the despair and hope, promise in his soul-wrenching music. The words are in his native language but the meaning pervades his sounds. He artfully blends both bass and sharp notes to make one feel the essence of his music. A very fine musician who fell under the influence of John Lee Hooker, Roland conveys his life experiences through his music. Warm, melodious, foot-stomping, he directly caresses his guitar strings in a masterful variation of colors. The tone of his voice makes a perfect marriage with his gripping guitar playing.
     Surrounded by two other compelling musicians on guitar and percussion, Roland played to an extremely appreciative audience that made for a memorable evening. If you are a blues fan, this man is an absolute must because his guitar and voice interpretations leave one feeling very moved, introspective yet happy. I highly recommend this musician.

     If you thought you have listened to everything already, you haven’t listened to Roland Tchakounté, native from Cameroon, Parisian by adoption and an exceptional artist. He is one of the few who knows how to perfectly merge his African roots with his Blues inspirations and his very own singularity: an antire repertoire in Bamiléké, his native dialect.
     Music is his way to express how he feels for the African Continent’s neglect and his desire to make the human race a family, without race or color distinctions.
Steph JUME

     Taking giant steps along a path traveled before by Ali Farka Touré, John Lee Hooker (USA), Youssou N’Dour, Boubakar Traoré or Corey Harris, Roland Tchakounté is one of those great modern African artists who travel extensively throughout the world of music, with extended stopovers in Bluesland.
     Acclaimed in Paris, Memphis, Chicago (next to Buddy Guy), in Canada and even in Japan, this Parisian by adoption sends the Blues back to its origins.


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TEL:0033 (6)17738460
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